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Test Taking Tips

A Good Night of Zzz's

Your child may find his first encounter with a standardized or "big" test nerve-wracking,

but there's no need for either of you to panic. A little bit of background

information and a few important tips can help ease those test-taking jitters.

Tips from Bradford, age 9, 4th grade

· Do your homework -- you do better on tests when you do your homework.

· Eat blue M&M's before the quiz -- this brings good luck and makes you smarter.

· Take a deep breath, relax, and think, "I can do this" while taking the test.

Tips from Taylor, age 10, 5th grade

· Study the day before the test so you don't forget everything.

· Don't get too nervous because tests usually aren't as hard as you think.

Tips from Damian, age 13, 8th grade

· Plan a definite study time.

· When you have a lot of other homework, study for the test FIRST -- it's most


· Don't get too worried about every test.

· Don't wait to learn everything until five minutes before the test.

· Look at the review sections at the ends of the chapters in the books -- they're

really helpful.

· If the teacher gives you a study guide, consider it a gift and use it.

Tips from Barbara Callaghan, Teacher

Before the test:

· Get a good night's sleep, and eat a wholesome breakfast.

· Dress comfortably.

· Be on time to school.

· Have all necessary materials (pen, pencil, calculator, etc.).

· Avoid stressful situations prior to testing.

During the test:

· Listen to and read instructions carefully. Make sure you understand them.

· If you have a question, ASK. Other kids probably have the same question.

· Answer questions completely and with detail.

· Check to be sure you haven’t skipped anything, and proofread your answers.

· Don’t let other test-takers distract you. It doesn’t matter who finishes first.

· If you finish early, go back and proof your answers again. But don't change

anything unless you’re sure. Studies show that the first answer you choose is

usually the right one!

and Other Test-Taking Tips